Soil Analyzers

soli TOC cube

The versatile instrument for temperature dependent differentiation of carbon in solids
The determination of TOC in solids has recently become ever more important. Not just for evaluating wastes, TOC-content measurement is also an important aspect of assessing soils. Elementar's new soli TOC cube offers users the option of measuring not only total organic and total inorganic carbon, but also determining the total elemental carbon (ROC). In addition to the classical TOC determination by direct and subtraction acidification methods, temperature programming can also be employed, which requires neither sample preparation nor the use of acids

vario MAX cube

The next level in high throughput
With the vario MAX cube, Elementar introduced the most innovative elemental analyzer that incorporates an automated ash removal technology. Designed for 24/7 operation, the instrument addresses any high throughput laboratory facing larger sample weights and significant ash content. Customers can now rely on unattended overnight operation of such applications to maximize sample throughput and increase laboratory efficiency