PrimeG Thermal Cyclers

The Prime full size thermal cycler delivers high performance, high throughput and maximum flexibility with an ability to upgrade base model to gradient capability with a simple unlock code, as well as the availability of a wide choice of thermal blocks: 0.2ml block (96 x 0.2ml); 0.5ml block (60 x 0.5ml); Combi-Block (33 x 0.2ml and 33 x 0.5ml)

Prime Pro 48 Real-time PCR machine

Prime Pro 48 real time PCR system is a new, high specification, economically priced real time thermal cycler from Techne. The PCR System features the highest thermal block uniformity and fastest run time of any block-based qPCR system on the market

PrimeQ real-time PCR system

The PrimeQ real-time PCR system has been designed with an open architecture and chemistry format that allows user flexibility in qPCR methods and research pursuits. The supporting Quansoft® software provides an easy to use comprehensive data analysis package with the flexibility to edit experiment setup even after the run is complete